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Our mission is to bridge communities for more sustainable and impactful inter-cultural collaboration.

Our Story

Dominoes bring together the Cartagena community. Every afternoon, people take a break from their individual agendas and come together in parks and plazas to play dominoes and connect with their neighbors. We founded Domino Volunteers in a similar spirit, fostering volunteer connections rooted in local networks and local culture. These connections provide a space for people of different cultures to share experiences, skills, and resources. 

We officially started as a social enterprise in 2015 by partnering with a few local organizations in need of extra resources. We now connect individuals, families, travel groups and professional organizations to over 30 social-impact projects throughout Cartagena. We have had the pleasure of working with families, travel groups,  and corporate teams to coordinate impactful donations and social service trips.


Beyond connecting the international community with local foundations, we also host monthly workshops to bring social projects throughout Cartagena together, work with local students to provide valuable work experience, and are creating entrepreneurship programs to support socially impactful local businesses. Domino Volunteers is excited to continue growing, leveraging the power of connections to strengthen communities and create lasting change.

Our Approach

We strive toward positive social impact and mutual benefit for both the volunteers and partnering organizations benefiting from the exchange. We get to know our volunteers and connect them to organizations where their skills are most needed and they will thrive personally. The organizations benefit from much needed physical and intellectual resources and our volunteers grow in empathy and global citizenship. Our connections have a domino effect of positive impact: local organizations have the capacity to reach more people and our volunteers spread new found empathy and global perspectives to their home communities and workplaces.