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Colombia is a very family-centered culture and many elderly men and women live with and are taken care of by their families. However, for elderly people who do not have a family, whose family cannot afford to take care of them or who do not know where their family is, there are not many places that will take them in. As a result, these elderly men and women lack contact with people who show them that they are important and loved. Isolation and lack of care for the elderly leads to decreased mental as well as physical health, and general stamina and happiness.

Local Projects:

Volunteer in a beautiful and friendly home for elderly men and women who appreciate any interaction with others and have so much love to give.

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Stimulate their minds with activities such as simple puzzles, matching and letter games, writing, coloring, or simply talking and giving attention to them.

  • Increase the elderly’s daily exercise and physical activity by helping them move and walk around the house and garden.

  • Help to serve meals and with other daily routines.

  • Assist in events and gatherings at the home, such as bringing in children, holiday events and serving free lunch to needy neighbors.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

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