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Speaking English is a ticket to employment in Colombia—and especially here in Cartagena where one of the largest industries is tourism. Unfortunately, a quality English language education is difficult to find in the public schools, and there are limited resources for additional English classes for most low-income neighborhoods, thus leaving these communities with even fewer job prospects. 

Local Projects:

We work with different foundations, public schools, and social businesses and their English needs. Volunteers are needed to teach English classes or assist in classes/clubs for youth or adults. We also organize English Conversation Clubs multiple times per week that are free and open to all, which is a great way for volunteers to meet others and for locals to practice English in a relaxed environment.  

Possible Volunteer or Intern responsibilities:

  • Teach English (independently or as an assistant) to children (aged 6-17, depending on project) at a local public high school or at one of several foundations.

  • Teach English to young adults (aged 18-40) at socially-aimed restaurant and/or local projects.

  • Plan or co-plan curriculum for classes.

  • Participate in English Conversation Clubs

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

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