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Collaborate with our team to design a personalized educational service trip for your students

Are you an educator interested in bringing your students to Cartagena? Would you like to connect with community-based organizations, local academics or social enterprises to engage in hands-on international learning? 

Our local team is equipped with the contacts, logistical management skills and academic experience to plan and coordinate experimental learning programs with student groups of all sizes. Our team has experience in working with educational professionals to design an itinerary where your group meets and learns with various initiatives, academics and leaders focused on a certain subject area, and then engages in community service projects oriented around this same subject area to connect theory with practice.


We can also coordinate accommodations with host families, connect you to the best Spanish teachers in the city, and include appropriate tours and touristic activities for your group, ensuring that your students have a unique, engaging, community-rooted learning experience in Cartagena or our surrounding small towns. 


Our team has primarily worked with the following subject areas:

- Social entrepreneurship 

- Environmental conservation 

- Peace-building and conflict resolution

- Youth development and education 

- Caribbean Art and Culture 

If you or your academic institution are interested in working with our team to develop an experimental learning program in Cartagena, please contact us at with more details.

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