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Group Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in traveling with a group? Want to add an experiential learning component to a curriculum or staff training? Our local team is equipped with the contacts, logistical management skills and experience to coordinate volunteer groups as large as 200. We commonly work with families, universities, companies, NGOs, travel agencies, medical staff, or other large travel groups.


For large, short-term group volunteer opportunities, we connect groups to projects that need extra hands and where you will be able to see an impact (volunteer activities may include planting a community garden, participating in a beach clean up, painting a mural, doing light construction, among others). We also can create a specific experiential learning program based on special interests. For example, we can develop an itinerary where the group meets with and learns from various initiatives, academics and leaders focused on environmental conservation and then completes community service that is oriented to support environmental needs. 


If you are a group between 10-200 people who want to include volunteering in your travel plans to Cartagena, we will request to speak on the phone regarding specifics about your group size, interests and special needs. We can design a volunteer opportunity, or we also can include cultural activities such as Spanish classes, salsa lessons, cooking classes, trips to surrounding islands, etc in addition to accomodation for the group. 


Please contact us here to begin planning your group’s connection to a volunteer project in Cartagena.

Organizations we Have Organized Group Exchange, Service and/or Donations for:

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