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Welcome to your Colombian home...

The following is the list of services included for volunteers who choose our Host Family Program Option, based on what we have found most volunteers need in order to get set up and feel competent in Cartagena. 

Evaluation and personalized connection to a project prior to your arrival. Please review our processs and steps to connecting you with a project to learn more.  

Airport pick-up and transportation to your home-stay.

Information pack with maps, Volunteer Manual, and additional supplies to help you to be more aware and competent. We sit with you and give you a full orientation on culture, safety, transportation, and other details upon arrival.

Cell phone with local SIM card and credit.

Homestay placement with a local family that is safe, comfortable and well-located (located in and around the historic city center and with easy access to transportation to the volunteer project).

2 delicious and fresh meals at your host-family accommodation (usually breakfast and lunch)

Orientation to a project, sites, staff (someone from our team will personally take you there the first day), including help finalizing your schedule, tasks and goals at the project. 

Someone from our team will give you a tour of the city center, pointing out points of interest and helping you find events and activities to participate in. 

Connections to cultural and recreational activities (Spanish classes, other volunteer projects, dance classes, cultural events, tours...)


24-hour in country support.

*Price depends on length of stay and services needed. Please contact us for more information. 

More about host families...


We know that feeling safe, comfortable and conneced at home is one of the most important aspects of your time in Cartagena. A bad host family, dirty accomodation or unsafe location can ruin an experience, and furthermore take your energy away from volunteering and integrating into local culture. Our host families are truly fantastic and into cultural exchange -- they love sharing their city, food and language. All accomodations are located in the touristic areas of the city that are safe, with easy access to transportation, and where the house is very comfortable. Despite how much we talk up our host families and their accomodation, almost everytime a volunteers meets and sees the house in person they cannot believe how nice it is. And did we mention the food? -- fresh, healthy, and plentiful; we joke that volunteers eat better than we do! 


Host family accomodation is ideal for people who would like to: 










Immerse in local culture and become friends with local, sincerely kind families. We connect you to genuinely caring and welcoming families who want to help you get to know their culture and city. 

Maximize your opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish language skills. Host families know that in part people stay with them to gain extra langauge practice, and they make sure that they help you practice whenever possible.

Feel secure, staying in safe neighborhoods conveniently located close to the historic center. We make sure to place you in safe, upper-class neighborhoods close to the city center and with convenient transportation options to your assigned volunteer projects. 

Eat delicious, fresh, and traditional food, with your dietary preferences always taken into account. Most people tell us that they eat better with host families than they do back at home! Eating meals together is another way to learn local culture and practice Spanish. 

Enjoy the convenience of having our team organize all the details of your stay before arriving, allowing you to focus on volunteering and enjoying your time in Cartagena. Services we offer are ones that you would pay for anyways without our help, but through Dominio Volunteers the process is easier, safer, better organized, and of greater quality.

Accommodation includes all modern amenities: private room, wifi, laundry, fan/air-conditioning at night, comfortable bed, closet, etc.

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