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Internship with local professionals & community organizations in Cartagena, Colombia

Are you a student interested in gaining international work experience?


Would you like to work alongside professionals in Cartagena, Colombia to advance your non-profit management, social work, communications, teaching, marketing, or fundraising skills?

Here at Domino Volunteers, we’re happy to help connect you to local community-based organizations looking for skilled interns to support their work. Our team will evaluate your profile to determine the skill set you are looking to improve (fundraising, education, business/non-profit management, communications, photography, community organizing, etc.), and the social issues that you’d like to work with (peace-building, girl’s empowerment, environmental conservation, youth development, etc.).


Based on our evaluation, we will find a local organization for you to complete your internship with. We also offer a package of services incluind staying with a host family, Spanish classes, or additional activities. You can learn more about what we include here. Upon completion of your internship and a final evaluation with your supervisor, we will provide a certificate or letter of approval to your university or employer confirming that you successfully completed your internship credits.

Ready to connect with a local social impact organization and begin planning your internship in Cartagena, Colombia?

Please contact us here with more information regarding your general interest in interning and your expected travel dates.

What's the difference between an Internship and Volunteer position?


  • At least a 2 month minimum commitment required.

  • We ask that you illustrate that you are studying the intended topic area and/or your professional goals in advancing a certain skill set.

  • Interns usually are required to commit to a set amount of hours and responsibilities.

  • Interns will work alongside a local professional or mentor that will help advance your skill set.

  • Gain university credits or a certificate of internship completion.


  • Flexible dates (from a single day, to 6 months or more).

  • We connect volunteers to local projects based on their skills and interests, and the needs of the foundation.

  • Flexible hours.

  • Work alongside a local professional to support foundation activities.

  • If needed, our team can provide a reference or certificate of your volunteer hours.

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