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Communication technologies are critical for any project’s success, and especially those with a social, community impact. Successful media and communication strategies can grow a project’s reach and impact, connecting the organization to new funding or support from the broader community.


However, for a variety of factors, many foundations and community projects in Cartagena run their programs on very limited resources. The majority of our partners maintain a minimal budget, if a budget at all, and a staff of purely volunteers—which makes their work all the more incredible. As such, these projects also often lack the necessary resources for sufficient media and communication supports. This may mean lacking the proper technology (cameras, computers, etc.), the proper training to best utilize these technologies, or simply the time to invest in creating and completing effective communication campaigns.

Local Projects:

Various projects can use help in recording and promoting their programs, whether it be via written articles or blogs posts, videos, photos, social media, website design, or computer technology support. Volunteers are likely to have flexible hours and can accompany the project as needed to get all information to document appropriately. ​

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Make, edit and publish videos of the project’s work or future plans.

  • Take, edit, and share photos of the project.

  • Write blog posts, newsletters or other marketing content.

  • Help manage social media accounts.

  • Introduce new media and communication tools and strategies to staff.

  • Brainstorm with staff new strategies for documenting and sharing a project’s results and impact.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

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