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Our English Conversation Club!

Domino Volunteers has been organizing an English Conversation Club twice a week for the past almost 3 years. Here, people from Cartagena and abroad come together to have fun, meet other foreign volunteers and locals, and practice speaking English. It has been a huge success and we always have a big turnout of wonderful people from all over the world! The Club is free and open to anyone wanting to participate. Below you can learn the perspective of a foreign volunteer and local who have been regulars at the club:

*If you are interested in participating in our English Conversation Club, please contact us and we will send you more information!


My wife and I chose Cartagena to escape the Canadian winter because we love the old town and the warm, welcoming people. We wanted to give something back and were recommended Domino as an opportunity to do so, and attended the twice weekly English Conversation classes during February. We were so impressed by Christina, Maggie, Maria and the rest of the Domino team, and the wonderful projects they have initiated. Attending the English Conversation Club soon became the highlight of our trip, giving us the opportunity to mix with the most wonderful young people you could wish to meet. We would recommend the classes to any prospective volunteers, young or old or in between, and guarantee you’ll be a better person for it with new friends and an improved perspective on life.


Hello! My name is Elkin Romero Prieto, I was born here in Cartagena and live the majority of my

life in this city. I’m a professional in tourism and hospitality administration that

graduated from Unicolombo. I really like learn foreign language for that reason I

speak English, French, German and Spanish (my mother language) -- due to my

profession the more languages I can speak the better. For me is really important the

interaction with people for communication and learning about different topics.

As a polyglot I’m always worry about practice and improve my language skills. I was

looking for a place where I can practice and someone told about an English

Conversation Club here in Cartagena. I saw all the information in Facebook and then

I wrote an e-mail to the organization (Domino Volunteers) to express my interest in

participate and they reply me yes! Since September 2019 I started to go and to be honest

it has been a great experience for many reasons: first of all you meet young and

cool people from Cartagena who speak English too. Second you’re in front of English

speakers and you have to talk about different topics and learn about their culture.

Third here you practice 4 hours during 2 days per week and that’s help a lot to improve

your speaking skills. And fourth for the awesome view from Cartagena that you can

see from the club. For these reasons I recommend this club, you are never going to regret to come.


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