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Because we are from Cartagena, Colombia and have worked for many years with foundations, we have strong, personal relationships with a variety of different projects, allowing us to match volunteers to projects that are transparent, safe and making a genuine impact. We always account for each volunteer's specific abilities, goals and needs—in addition to those of each project.

Curious about what our local project partners say about Domino Volunteers? Visit our project testimonials page here.

Teach at a public high school, foundation, conversation club or social enterprise to support English language education for youth and/or adults.

Teaching English

Support extracurricular programs for youth, which may include arts & crafts, homework help, sports, music or other activities.

Child Development

Volunteer in a friendly home for elderly men and women, playing board games, assisting with their exercise, serving meals and helping with special events. 

Elderly Care

Help broaden local foundations' impact by assisting in grant writing, event planning, marketing and other fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Support

Join local community groups to rescue produce from the local markets, organize cooking events and build community gardens.

Sustainable Food 

Join one of several foundations promoting recycling and environmental awareness with campaigns, trash collection, community events and more.

Recycling Initiatives

Work with one of several foundations to teach values through sports such as surf, soccer, baseball, kickball, and scuba diving. 

Sports Programs

Put your technology, computer, or programming skills to use and help implement technology curriculum, or update an existing systems.

IT Support

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Volunteer with an after school program for girls living in high-risk areas to help develop skills  and values. 

Girls Empowerment

Support a local project that runs educational workshops on peace, human rights and leadership for displaced youth.

Peace Education

Protect mangroves and waterways by helping to teach conservation to students at public schools and organizing community campaigns and leadership workshops. 

Conservation Efforts

Use your photography, videography, social media, blogging, radio, or other communication talent to help a project share its results and impact.

Media & Communication

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