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A very small percentage of Cartagena households and businesses recycle, largely because there is a lack of information, infrastructure and organization in the city to do so. Lack of recycling, littering and poor waste management throughout the city create serious pollution problems — especially noticeable in poor areas and communities next to the ocean.

Local Projects:

We work with several foundation with programs that focus on recycling in communities where there is little being done. These projects may involve doing door to door visits with community members, working with students at local public schools, and/or making art and buildings out of recycled materials.

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Go door-to-door with social workers and students from public schools to educate community members how to recycle.

  • Help recycling curriculum activities in public schools.

  • Help to construct, paint and prepare buildings and structures made from plastic bottles.

  • Participate in children's’ arts & crafts activities that use recycled materials

  • Participate in beach clean-ups.

  • Work with recycling companies and help bring bins and collectors out to poor communities.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

Click here to contact us for a personalized project connection.

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