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Sports are an important activity and means for youth development and healthy societies. Sports are a great way to teach cooperation, logic, discipline, and motor skills. Since Colombian students are only in school for half of the day (classes in public schools are held either from 6:30am -12:00pm or from 1:00 pm - 6:30 pm), youth from low-income communities often spend large quantities of time at home alone without supervision or structured activities, meaning sports are even more influential and needed within these communities.


The sports teams that do exist often require a membership fee and additional costs for traveling, equipment, uniforms, etc., thus making sports less accessible for youth from low-income families. However, there are many amazing foundations and projects that allow youth to practice sports at no cost. 

Local Projects:

We work with several foundations who either focus specifically on sports, or include sports as a major feature in their program(s). Such sports include: surf, paddle-board, soccer, kickball, baseball, swimming, and scuba diving.

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Practice a sport with youth.

  • Help trainers and coaches with practices and additional physical education activities.

  • Create and lead sports activities for youth.

  • Train a group of island locals to become professional scuba divers and coral reef monitors.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

Click here to contact us for a personalized project connection.

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