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Areas around Cartagena and the rest of Colombia are extremely fertile and able to provide a nutritious, healthy food source to locals; however, within the city there is a lack of community gardens, composting and in general, awareness of the “Slow Food” culture. Furthermore, many fruits and vegetables sit in the public market and go to waste while, at the same time, people are going hungry or cannot afford to buy healthy food.

Local Projects:

We partner with projects that work on food sustainability and educating communities about healthy eating, cooking, and gardening.

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities: 

  • Go to the public market and help "rescue" fruits and vegetables that are ripe or unable to be used/sold, but still perfectly good to eat. Later, this food is donated to different foundations and schools.

  • Help organize events centered on cooking, teaching traditional recipes, and the "slow food" movement.

  • Help design, plant and maintain community gardens.

  • Support composting campaigns and efforts.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

Click here to contact us for a personalized project connection.

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