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Since many foundations and community projects in Cartagena run their programs on very limited resources, they often lack the necessary resources for adequate, new technology, the proper training to best utilize these technologies, or simply the time to invest in developing a curriculum that incorporates technology. Thus, many projects use information technology systems that are non-existent, limited and/or in need of repair or an update. There is a general lack of IT professionals to help incorporate technology and computers into curriculum. 

Local Projects:

Various projects and social enterprises can use help in general technological and computer support. Assist a foundation with implementing a new technology curriculum, updating existing systems, , or use your programming skills to update and improve their website and/or additional systems. Volunteers are likely to have flexible hours.​

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Manage or support the management of new computers.

  • Identify free and cost-effective online educational programs.

  • Introduce online tools to staff.

  • Maintain computer file storage, back-ups, and other systems (ensure that hardware and software are updated, conduct virus checks, manage child-friendly content blocks).

  • Teach children basic computer literacy skills in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel programs in addition to other skills including typing, online researching, website design, or how to make an app.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

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