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Ready to volunteer in Cartagena?

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Volunteering Done Right

There’s a million and one ways to volunteer. Here at Domino Volunteers, we want to ensure that volunteering is done in safe and sustainable ways that directly address projects' needs. In order to ensure mutually positive experiences for both our volunteers and the local community, our Volunteer Programs feature the following:

  1. We only send volunteers to organizations that request volunteer assistance and have a proven record of success with foreign volunteers.

  2. With our network of over 30 local projects and a personalized connection process, we ensure that our volunteers are matched with the most fitting social projects for their interests, skills and goals.

  3. Our team members provide volunteers with an updated volunteer manual and personal orientation to living in Cartagena, thus making certain that our volunteers are well prepared for working in our local communities and having a positive as well as memorable experience in Cartagena.

  4. A Domino Volunteers team member will accompany new volunteers to their first day at their assigned project site in order to provide an additional orientation to the organization and answer any questions or concerns about volunteer’s requested tasks and responsibilities.

  5. Lastly, our local team is available for 24/7 assistance, allowing volunteers to feel well supported with an experienced team of former volunteers and locals.  

Our Approach: Shared Value

We believe in a Shared Value approach to volunteering, meaning: positive change happens when there is a mutual benefit for both the project and the volunteer. When someone comes to us who is interested in volunteering, we facilitate a connection with a project based on where the volunteer's profile is most needed and where the volunteer will most personally benefit.


Volunteers should not expect to make large, structural changes but instead will collaborate with local professionals who are already doing fantastic work while they themselves gain value from the experience:  (improved Spanish, additional professional experience, increased cross-cultural awareness, etc).

¿Listo? Steps to Volunteering in Cartagena

1. Review program options

Visit our Program Areas page here to learn more about the local projects we currently work with and gain a better understanding of what areas you would like to volunteer with.

2. Contact our team

Send Domino Volunteers an email with your expected travel dates. Feel free to add any questions or concerns as well. We will respond to your email within 24 hours with further details about our services and a link to our Volunteer Interest Form.

3. Help us get to know you

Please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form to the best of your abilities. The form asks about your interests, skills and experience. 

6. Prepare for your trip

Once you confirm with our team your travel dates, we will send a Volunteer Manuel full of useful information on how to prepare for your travels and tips on how to make the most of your volunteer experience. If you have any questions unaddressed in the manual, our team is more than happy to address any lasting concerns. 

5. Join our team on a call

Next, we will schedule a Skype or WhatsApp call with you. During this call, you will have the chance to get to know our team better, discuss in greater depth what it’s like to volunteer in Cartagena, learn about the project we would like to connect you to, and have any additional questions or concerns addressed.

4. Wait as we contact our local partners

Once our team receives your completed Volunteer Interest Form, we will discuss with our local partners to determine which project would be the best fit for your profile and intended volunteer dates.  

7. Travel to Cartagena

Now to the exciting part: it's time for your travels to Cartagena! If you are staying with a host family, one of our team members will greet you at the airport. Otherwise, we will be in touch with you to determine where we will meet on your first day of volunteering.

8. It's time to volunteer!

The final step has arrived! Now that you’ve landed in Cartagena, the only step left is to start volunteering with your assigned local project. A Domino Volunteers team member will accompany you on your first day of volunteering, ensuring that the start to your volunteer experience is smooth and enjoyable.  

9. Continued Support

Domino Volunteers is based only in Cartagena, Colombia, and therefore we have team members on the ground 24/7 able to assist you. We are in constant contact with projects and volunteers, organize additional events for volunteers and locals to meet at, and support volunteers if they want to make additional contributions or donations.