100% of volunteers report that they would recommend Domino Volunteers to a friend.

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Laila - Belgium

Thanks to Domino Volunteers I've had an amazing time in Cartagena, Colombia and gained a lot of experience, become more independent and gained more confidence. I loved the personal approach of Domino Volunteers; I didn't feel like just 'another' volunteer but really appreciated all their time and that I could contact them always, no matter what the problem. All I really needed every day was a smile from my kids in the library. I truly can say working as a volunteer with Domino Volunteers changed my life and that I will return home as a happier person.

Mike & Eileen - USA

Our placement was perfectly suited to our skills and the areas that inspire us. Domino Volunteers could not have done a better job handling all the logistics of our placement; communication was always prompt and thorough. The organizations that Domino Volunteers introduced us to were well-run and appreciative of volunteer help. We felt we were able to make a difference--a critical part of any volunteer experience. Domino Volunteers did all the preliminary work to ensure our project would be successful. We were then able to work directly with the partner organizations but knew we could count on Domino Volunteers whenever needed. They also went above and beyond, making themselves available to fill in any gaps.

Sophie - Australia

The work itself was very interesting, and I liked the fact that it was focused and time-specific; this suited me well and was good for a short placement. I leave feeling that I accomplished what I came to do and was useful (this is more than I expected as volunteer placements always have their ups and downs). The relationship with Domino Volunteers was a highlight for me, as I found them very smart, delightful, knowledgeable, and endlessly supportive. To say I could not have done it without Domino Volunteers is an understatement. Everyone in the office was very welcoming and tolerant of the limitations of my Spanish.

Silje - Norway

For 3 months I worked with a foundation and several of its projects, all focusing on promoting a greener environment in Cartagena. One project was to motivate the local community to recycle. I also participated in meetings where we planned door-to-door community visits and classes with select students from surrounding high schools, and visited the schools. It is a small foundation where everyone is so nice and loving. They took good care of me and I never felt unsafe. The foundation works closely with a larger foundation, where I had meetings and met a bunch of other volunteers. My main goal was to practice my Spanish, and I got to do that from day one!

Tanya - Bulgaria

The host family was the best I could ever imagine, and I improved my Spanish immensely by being integrated into a Colombian family. People in Cartagena are really helpful and chatty, and I really liked how easy it is to socialize there and to integrate in the project. Even if you go there alone it is very easy to speak to people on the streets or make friends on a night out. Domino is great for being local, very helpful and made sure my experience was safe and enjoyable! They are there to help you and if you need them, they are available. I had an unforgettable experience in Colombia, and I would definitely recommend!

Carol Ann & her son Jacob - USA

Wonderful support and guidance, caring and knowledgeable connections, a very informative & responsive staff -- we couldn’t have asked for anything more! Domino Volunteers was the ideal organization to help my teenage son and me connect and volunteer with an organization that was a perfect fit for our timeframe, skills, & beginning level of Spanish. They kept in steady email contact with me as our volunteering time approached, then accompanied us to the site on the first day, introduced us to the people at the organization, and helped us feel very welcomed. Their attention to detail and regular check-ins throughout our volunteering stint helped make our experience very comfortable and meaningful. I would highly recommend Domino Volunteers!

Marlene - Switzerland

I have been part of the program for a bit more than four weeks and I would not want to miss one single day! It was an absolutely amazing experience in every aspect! The staff from the program welcomed me so warmly, that I felt at ease from the very first moment. Not even the language barrier was a hindrance :) I learnt so much about the culture, the language, the people, and also about myself. I don't know how to put my experience in words! Just incredible! I also would like to take the opportunity to thank Domino Volunteers for being so great. Everything was super organized from the very first moment. Very personal service! I got the chance to build my own schedule. You have taken great care of me during my stay, whenever help was needed! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are truly amazing!

Morgan - Canada

Everyone associated with Domino Volunteers was extremely welcoming and wanted your time in Cartagena to be the very best it could possibly be. I felt completely safe. My home stay was wonderful and in perfect location. Thank you an unforgettable and impactful month!

Torben - Denmark

I was very satisfied about Domino Volunteer´s attitude and the way they managed my arrival and stay in Cartagena. Making a foreigner feel comfortable in a new place they did with confidence, engagement and an openminded attitude. To give value to volunteers in the way Domino Volunteers does is a gift for the foundation as well as volunteers. Cartagena has extreme contrasts, and I was amazed about the teachers´ engagement and the way they treat the girls and give meaning to their lives. Contact related to collegues and homestay family was outstanding. I felt confident, safe and enjoyed the stay.

Emily - England

I absolutely loved my time at the foundations. I enjoyed the interaction with the children and teachers and experiencing the real Cartagena. Everyone was very welcoming and despite being there for only 4 weeks I definitely felt attached to the place and the people when I left. It's a great opportunity to learn about Colombian culture and of course improve your Spanish. The team at Domino Volunteers was excellent before and during my stay-great attention to detail and made my stay a lot more comfortable.

Paula - Sweden

I was given a lot of responsibility and at the same time I always felt that we had good team work. The staff at the foundation were always positive and helpful. I was put to work as soon as I wanted and there was always help and recommendations for projects to get involved with as well.

Christine - Norway

Something I really liked is that I was part of the local life. I worked with teachers from the neighborhoods, took part in their plans, and took care of the people at the nursing home. I also loved being an English teacher for the staff at both projects where I volunteered. With Domino Volunteers you have so many options, so it’s very likely that you find something that fits you personally. I got to know many people and they were all amazing, especially Christina, the founder, who was caring, always positive, seeing the importance in others’ needs and acting professionally.

Fiona - Australia

I really enjoyed the work, accommodation, recreational activities and meeting Domino Volunteers. It was an experience that I will always remember and I’m already missing it. It has given me motivation to go home and learn Spanish to increase my chances of working overseas again in the future. I feel privileged to be a part of a project that I believe makes a difference in the lives of the children. I also really enjoyed the experience of living with a Colombian family and felt it was a fantastic way of experiencing local culture. Interacting / participating in local activities also added to my cultural integration including salsa classes, diving, visiting the islands, tours and meeting local people within Cartagena. There is so much to do in Cartagena, and I will be continuing my new interests of salsa dancing and scuba diving!

Leo & Yannie - Switzerland

We enjoyed our time volunteering through Domino Volunteers for many reasons: the contact with local people; the feeling that this is something useful for the community; Domino Volunteers is managed by people from Cartagena so that means that they know what are the challenge of local communities; discover an area outside of the touristic, crowded historical center of Cartagena; to be able to be active starting the very first day; that it's really easy--they don't ask hundreds of papers and other administrative things; Domino Volunteer's efficiency in a short period of time; professionalism and investment (they come with you the first day to the project and really make sure you have all you need there, plus keep in touch with you during all the time you volunteer).

Elizabeth - USA

It was perfect! I loved everything about it and enjoyed every minute I was in Cartagena. I adored my host family, fellow volunteers, the projects, and I have only wonderful things to tell everyone who asks me about Domino Volunteers! I felt safe and secure at the girls' empowerment program and host family.

Harry & Carl - England

We enjoyed everything. The contrast between our project site and the touristic area of Cartagena was crazy. Locals at the project did not have very much, but it was amazing to see their energy and openness to volunteers, even though we were "strangers". It was also so heart melding to be with the kids and their desire to learn. We felt really integrated in the community. Domino Volunteers was amazing, helped us with everything, made us feel really safe, and kept us informed on local events.

Lawrence - Director All-Abroad.org

Working with Domino Volunteers was nothing short of amazing! The volunteer projects they coordinated for our organization were well organized and impactful. Domino's experience with so many local nonprofits in Cartagena and understanding their needs was invaluable in helping us collaborative causes to assist. We appreciate their staff making every effort to accommodate our organization to meet the needs of Colombian communities.

Nate - University of Michigan Rubgy Team

Domino Volunteers did an incredible job organizing a service experience catered to the desires and capabilities of the Michigan Rugby team. As a large group of college-aged men, we enjoyed picking up trash on an island and teaching rugby to the local school children. Domino also did a fantastic job connecting us with other resources and things to do in the Cartagena area. Thank you Domino Volunteers for a great experience!

Jene - Founder Adventures in Voluntourism

I recently brought a group to Cartagena, Colombia as part of a travel and volunteer opportunity with Adventures in Voluntourism. I am so thankful to Domino Volunteers for making this trip absolutely incredible! From our day of service that they coordinated to our other activities throughout our time there based on their recommendations, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone who participated (including me)! Staff members are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. Prior to our trip I felt completely confident that our travel experience would be safe and fun, and the end result exceeded my expectations. Thank you, and I can’t wait to come back and work with you again!

Gordon, Dennis and their two children - Brazil

Domino Volunteers gave quick response on first contact, very good choice of type of volunteer project for our family, very good orientation / info via Skype call and in person on the first day. Additionally they had very good insider tips for other activities, restaurants, excursions, etc. Overall, a great volunteer project experience!

Max - England

I love that Domino Volunteers try to learn from locals and ask them what they want/need and then enact it, rather than the other way around. This was massively important for me because once I knew that Domino got this, I knew that programs they had 'vetted' would be ones that I wanted to be involved with and that were making a real difference. It's tough when looking at things from your laptop screen on the other side of the world to know how well-run/effective it is, so knowing what Domino's principles and approach were (as outlined on their website) is super helpful. The professionalism and organisation was also really impressive, in a sector where both those things are often difficult because of the nature of it. My volunteer placement was was tailored to my skills so I felt I had an impact. The foundation was run with a bottom-up approach and I felt that we were making a real change but in an appropriate and well planned-out way.

Kim - Germany

I enjoyed every single stakeholder that was involved in this project - all the people working at Domino Volunteers, also all the teachers and especially the students at the school. Also the other amazing Domino Volunteers that I got to meet as well as the locals I met through the English Clubs made my stay memorable and way better than I imagined. Costeños are wonderful people! In Cartagena there is always something to do, any day of the week, any time of the day. The offering of cultural/social/sport activities are very diverse and very affordable. The communication between Domino worked perfectly and was very easy. They provided detailed and clear information at all times, were very supportive and friendly, and responded very quickly to any questions or queries at all times. They also made the placement with the project and host family very easy, even very last minute. The Domino team made me feel very welcome and it was an easy transition. Also the placement with the host family worked very smoothly and was excellently organized. The Volunteer manual that they had sent me prior to arriving in Cartagena was VERY helpful!

Hannah - England

I honestly cannot thank Domino Volunteers enough for everything you have done, right from that first phone call last year, to the very last day. The second I put the phone down from speaking to Alex, I knew Dominos was the right company for me to volunteer with. My placement at school was perfect, and I can't believe how much I learnt from my time there. My experience have most definitely shifted and guided what I want to do at least for the next few years, and that in itself is invaluable.
Without all the extra opportunities you provided for me and told me about, I wouldn't have walked away from Cartagena with some really close friends, or had the opportunity to do one to one tutoring which was such a great and new experience. Thank you for your constant guidance and support throughout my three months, for checking in on me, school and my homestay. I can see how invested you are in the projects and the local community, and you are the perfect people to attribute individuals to extremely worthy projects.
I couldn't have asked for a better time in Cartagena, and a huge part of that is definitely thanks to you. Your passion, enthusiasm and care was both infectious and inspiring. I'll never forget all the incredible experiences I've had in the past few months. Once again, thank you so much. I will most definitely recommend Dominos to anyone interested in volunteering in Cartagena.

Serge - Canada

I want to thank the Domino Volunteers team for connecting me to my host family and to the foundation. This has been one of my most pleasurable trips. Cartagena is welcoming, beautiful and enjoyable. I loved my daily travels over the Caribbean ocean to get to the project. With the project Director and her team we identified and started to put in place some innovations that have the potential to be applied for the long-term I keep in touch with the foundation. I am willing to follow the progress of these innovations. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to meet the team again for a new adventure!