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Public schools in Colombia have two schedules: students are either in class from 6:30 am to 12:00 pm, or from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm, meaning students spend half of the day out of school. For Colombian youth from marginalized and low-income communities, this time outside of class is considered a serious vulnerability to joining or being pressured by gangs, early pregnancy, drugs, and other local risks. 


Furthermore, even time spent inside the classroom is less than ideal for quality child development. Public school classrooms tend to be very crowded (with 30 to 50 students in a classroom) and lack sufficient desks, teachers and learning materials to adequately give children a quality education. Recognizing this reality, our local partners have created programs that reinforce curriculum, create a safe space for youth and providing more individual attention and support.

Local Projects:

We work with several foundations that offer extracurricular activities for children, generally aged 6-14 years. These activities can include arts & crafts, English classes, homework help, music, dance, and sports. Volunteers will collaborate with local teaching staff and other volunteers. If you have a talent that can be shared with children like yoga, dance, photography, a musical instrument, drawing, or anything else, this is a great opportunity to teach that as well!

Possible Volunteer or Intern Responsibilities:

  • Teach or assist a teacher with their classes.

  • Plan and organize classroom activities and games related to the curriculum

  • Evaluate children’s progress.

  • Help participate in activities and workshops.

  • General maintenance of foundations, libraries, classrooms, fields, etc. including cleaning, painting, labelling books, and displaying students’ work.

Sound like the perfect project for you? 

Click here to contact us for a personalized project connection.

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